Mick Frank is a Photographer based in Stockton-on-Tees in the North East of England. Born and bred in Stockton he left school at 16 and was offered an Apprenticeship as a Joiner at ICI Billingham where he learned the skills required to enable him to run a Reasonably successful business as a Joiner/Builder.
Following an accident in 2005 mick was left with an injury to his foot, which meant he was unable to carry on with such work, After a long spell of illness he decided to rekindle his interest in Photography and enrolled at Cleveland College of Art & Design to study part time for a Degree in Commercial Photography.
Concentrating on the creation of quality Creative Product Images and combining the use of liquids and smoke in to his work, along with his use of professional post-production image editing software, Mick is consistently coming up with new ideas and enjoys nothing better than experimenting with new techniques in the studio.
Mick is feeling extremely positive about his work and hopes that the viewer finds these images as pleasing and enjoyable as he did during their creation.